Little Rock Urban Farming

Alex Carson’s Bio

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Every season brings new challenges and chances to learn, along with success and delicious food that nourishes our minds, body and spirit. Sharing good, healthy food is satisfying and needed.
Searching for good food is how I met Chris. After learning about the apprenticeship at LRUF, I decided I’d like to get hands on experience at the farm. Little Rock Urban Farming allowed me to continue my agricultural journey in a way that promotes not only the health of those who consume the food but also the health of the soil for future generations.
Managing my own garden in my spare time is something I have been enjoying since I started gardening at LRUF last spring. I look forward to learning from my experience and spreading the knowledge throughout the community. For me the local food movement is not simply growing organic food, it’s about developing long lasting meaningful relationships and building community.