Little Rock Urban Farming

Anna Leone’s Bio

Growing up I always had an interest in food. I would be found concocting mixtures from leftovers in our refrigerator, and going to farmers markets was always the activity of choice (still true today). When I found the internship opportunity at LRUF, I knew it would be a great experience to gain a greater understanding of where my food comes from and how it impacts the surrounding community.

My time in Little Rock was a transformational experience. I not only learned the technical aspects of managing a garden, but also the many life benefits that come with working so closely to the earth and to the community. I also grew relationally through gaining new friends in the area that I never would have met in North East Ohio.

My internship at LRUF gave me a new appreciation for getting to know my local farmers, cooking meals with friends, and taking time to reflect on the beauty of each day. Upon graduating with a marketing and entrepreneurship degree from Miami University I look forward to incorporating all that I’ve learned at LRUF into whatever adventure is next.