Little Rock Urban Farming

Maia Larson’s Bio

Maia Gettinger Larson (sometimes known as Farmer Getty)

Maia is from a rock farmhouse on a small but beautiful piece of land in Arkansas. She and her family gardens organically, raises all kinds of animals, and studies biology.

Maia started working for Little Rock Urban Farming in spring of 2014. She wanted to learn how to run a business effectively and efficiently, as well as gain horticultural skills. LRUF was the perfect place for her to acquire and develop valuable skills that contribute to her developing farming practices.

Maia is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of Central Arkansas. Concurrently, she is building infrastructure, developing business and marketing plans, and getting involved in the local farming community. Her ultimate goal is to have an organic farm and plant nursery. Maia will specialize in the production of native plants. She has always been particularly interested in the preservation and restoration of native Arkansan plant-life.

The apprenticeship program at LRUF has taught her about many things—marketing, business, networking, and agriculture. Maia hopes to join the growing number of organic farmers in Arkansas who wish to contribute to the health, happiness, and sustainability of our state’s people and ecosystems.