Little Rock Urban Farming

Megan McCaghey’s Bio

Megan began her apprenticeship at Little Rock Urban Farming in May with a desire to learn about organic production and the potential of urban farming. While at Little Rock Urban Farming, she has assisted in expanding and developing the gardens in addition to maintaining the social media and engaging in community outreach. Megan grew up in Little Rock and graduated with a degree in environmental studies from Hendrix College. While at Hendrix, her interest in agriculture was sparked through sociology and politics coursework where she learned about the diverse problems associated with an industrializing agricultural system and the benefits to health, the environment, and community associated with sustainable agricultural systems. After graduation, she participated in two agricultural education programs through AmeriCorps at The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute and Heifer Ranch. After LRUF, Megan will participate in an internship with an agricultural organization, Navdanya, in India and plans to attend graduate school in a field related to agricultural sociology. She has enjoyed learning and getting her hands dirty at LRUF and plans to keep farming as a part of her lifestyle into the future.