Little Rock Urban Farming

Sally Hiryak’s Bio

I grew up just outside of Portland, ME in a town called Gorham. Throughout my childhood we frequented the farm stands that dot the countryside surrounding my hometown. Most of the time shopping on bicycle and packing the fresh produce into saddle bags. We spent our time biking, hiking, and skiing throughout the northeast as well as around the country and world. After high school I moved across the country to Bozeman, MT to go to college and ski in the Rocky Mountains. I graduated 4 years later with a Bachelors in Mathematics.

Then I started my adventure in Little Rock, AR. With a full time job as a software developer I spent my Saturday Mornings at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market where I met Chris. Our friendship blossomed through cooking and exploring food together. When I moved to the farm I found the home I was looking for. A few years later I am still honing my cooking skills as the designated LRUF breakfast chef and working my day job as a software developer. When I get home I enjoy walking our dog Ruby, experimenting with food, and relaxing with a good movie.