Little Rock Urban Farming

Wayne Hartlerode’s Bio

Wayne began his apprenticeship at Little Rock Urban Farming in February of 2011. Before LRUF he graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2010 with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. His interest in sustainable agriculture began at UCA when he took a class on the principles and practices of organic gardening.  He also worked on a demonstration farmstead at Petit Jean Mountain, where he learned a variety of different farming skills under the training of Elizabeth Mattocks. Wayne is most interested in developing productive gardens that are self-sustaining in limited urban spaces. Wayne hopes to educate individuals through demonstration gardening and intensive workshops how to produce their own sustainable garden spaces. Besides working with LRUF, Wayne also works part-time as a Behavioral Instructor with disadvantaged kids at Methodist Family Health. Outside of work, he also enjoys traveling to rock climb all around the United States and Arkansas.  Wayne enjoys developing new climbing areas in the state and is interested in preserving rock climbing sites on public land.